Abe Downs

Abe is an owner and Orvis endorsed guide with for Great Northern Fly Fishing on the upper Wisconsin River.  He has traveled extensively from coast to coast searching for his quarry with a fly rod.  Abe started fly fishing for trout as most fly fishermen do but quickly realized trout isn't the only game in town.  Turning his attention to warm water species he soon found himself fishing for bass and musky.  His new passion quickly grew, searching out new waters looking for that next bite. 

Abe  is always trying something new, experimenting.  Rivers and fish are always changing; so should the fishermen.  Knowledgeable and courteous, Abe is passionate about teaching people about fly fishing and his quarry.  With an eye for detail Abe feels every trip out with a new friend should be a memorable one.

Feel free to contact Abe at abe@greatnorthernflyfishing.com or 715.572.3225 to book a trip or get the latest scoop on the latest fishing report.